I'm frequently asked what podcasts I listen to so I've compiled this list along with links to the RSS feeds. I started listening to podcasts back when I was a consultant and traveled 20+ hours per week.  Now I listen whenever I'm driving, working out, doing house chores, etc.

If you want to just import the whole list, most podcatchers will support this OPML file.

 Listen to most, if not all episodes
 Listen to ≈3/4 episodes*
  Listen to ≈1/2 episodes*
 Select episodes only, usually based on the guest or unique subject not covered anywhere else

*Will skip episodes with content that overlaps other podcasts or with subjects not relevant to me.

InfoSec Podcasts


Source Code Podcast  


Darknet Diaries  

Red Team Podcast  

Malicious Life  

The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast  

The Security Ledger Podcast  NEW

On-Premise IT Podcast  NEW

Purple Squad Security  

Smashing Security  

Application Security PodCast  NEW

Troy Hunt's Weekly Update Podcast  NEW

Cyber Security Interviews  NEW

Technology Podcasts

Bloomberg Technology: Decrypted  

TechStuff  NEW


American Public Radio: Marketplace  

NPR: Fresh Air  

Educational Podcasts 

Adam Ruins Everything  

FieldCraft Survival  

StarTalk Radio  

Stuff You Should Know  

Stuff You Missed in History Class  

Fitness & Survival

All Day Ruckoff Podcast  

Eagle Nation Podcast  

New England Spahtens  

Overcome and Run  

FieldCraft Survival  

The GORUCK Show  

Entertainment Podcasts 

The Disney Story Origins Podcast  

GE Podcast Theater: The Message/LifeAfter  

LeVar Burton Reads  

ID10T Podcast (formerly The Nerdist)  

WTF with Marc Maron  

The Good News Podcast by Cards Against Humanity  

Myths and Legends  






Data Driven Security  

PVC Security  

Security Nation  

Eurotrash Security  

Exotic Liability 

LAST UPDATED: 8/13/2018