Hello World! (Redux)

In the time honored tradition of programmers everywhere, I begin this inaugural blog post with the simplest of expressions:
"Hello World!"
I've considered starting a blog for quite awhile now.  Unfortunately, I have often been discouraged if not outright prohibited from contributing to the InfoSec community by my employers (NDA).  A couple of years ago that changed.  I started attending conferences more regularly and began interacting with the community on twitter (as @ITSecurity).

Eventually I felt I was ready to break out of the 140 character limit and dedicate the time and effort to a blog, however life inevitably gets in the way. I changed jobs, moved to another state and celebrated a landmark anniversary with my wife. Things are settling down and I now work for a company that understands the value derived from interacting with the InfoSec community. I look forward to humbly putting forth what I can, when I can.

Your feedback and criticism are welcome.

Steven Maske

DISCLAIMER: My thoughts are my own and the opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the positions of my employer.

*This post originally appeared on Maske[d]Crusader.net