This Blog is Dead, Long Live This Blog

When I originally started this blog I struggled for a name. After brainstorming over a long weekend I came up with a handful of possibilities. Unfortunately, all were taken. Not finding an industry relevant domain, I decided to look into names that were unrelated to the security industry. I finally settled on a play on my last name. Thus Maske[d] was born.

Skipping ahead to the present, I was recently assisting a family member in setting up their own web site. After logging into my domain registrar I received a notice that a domain I had previously tried to register was now available. In all honesty, I hesitated. Even though I've only posted a handful of times, I feel I've put effort into developing and branding this site. In the end my wife set me straight by pointing out that the new domain was just too good to pass up (much like my twitter handle).

With that said, I am now the proud owner of a shiny new domain, I'm working on a couple of posts that I hope everyone will find interesting. Stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: I somehow managed to be oblivious of until after I registered Not wanting to step on any toes I reached out to Kevin Riggins to get his opinion. His response was, "No worries whatsoever as far as I'm concerned" and suggested I submit this blog to the Security Bloggers Network.  Thanks Kevin.

*Cross post with Maske[d]