2015 InfoSec Tweet Awards

It's December 31th so that must mean it's time for the 4th annual InfoSec Tweet Awards!  Over 2,100 of you read last years post (my 2nd most popular to date) so it seems I should continuing the tradition.

As in previous years, there are no actual awards.  These are just funny or thought provoking tweets that I've "favorited" over the year (yes, I know twitter now calls them "likes").  As always, categories are completely arbitrary. I make them up as I go along...

Best Tweet Inspired by a Song (Tie)

Best Tweet Inspired by a Holiday (Tie)

Best Tweet That Should be on a T-Shirt (and already is)

Best Tweet About Phishing

Best Tweet About the Cloud

Best Tweet About the Internet of Things

Best Tweet About Threat Intelligence

Best Tweet About Recruiting

Best Work/Life Balance Tweet

Best "IT is Hard" Tweet

Best InfoSec "Pick-up Line" Tweet

Best InfoSec Parenting Tweet

Best "Out of the Mouth of Babes" Tweet

Best Tweet "That Understands My Pain"

Best Twitter... um... –er

Last but not least we have the "award" for the person who posted the best overall tweets of the year.

And the winner is.... Security Humor (@SecurityHumor)! Security Humor is hardly a new account. This month marks the sixth year s/he has provided funny quips 140 characters at a time. The Security Humor account has been in the running for this coveted(?) award for the last two years and only narrowly lost to InfoSec Taylor Swift (@SwiftOnSecurity) and Info Security Jerk (@infosecjerk)

If you follow one new account this year it should be @SecurityHumor. Below are a few recent gems:

This concludes the 2015 Tweet Awards. Please feel free to share your favorite tweets in the comments below. I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!