2016 InfoSec Tweet Awards

Welcome back good reader.  This year marks the 5th Annual InfoSec Tweets Awards!  It's hard to believe I've been doing this for half a decade.

In 2016 I reduced the number of accounts I follow and I'm not as obsessive about reading every tweet, but there were still plenty of gems to choose from.

As in previous years, there are no actual awards.  These are just funny or thought provoking tweets that I've "favorited" over the year (I still refuse to call them "likes").  As always, categories are completely arbitrary and I make them up as I go along...

Best Tweet Inspired by a TV Show

Best Tweet Inspired by a Movie

Best Tweet About CISSPs

Best Tweet About Auditors

Best Tweet About DevOps

Best Tweet About A Text Editor

Best Tweet About Education in InfoSec

Best Tweet About Skill Shortage in InfoSec

Best Tweet About Travel (tie)

Best Tweet About Dating in InfoSec (tie)

Best "Threat Landscape" Tweet

Best Poem in a Tweet

Best InfoSec Analogy in a Tweet

Best Tweet Telling It Like It Is

Well, that's a wrap for 2016.  I know this year has sucked for a lot of you.  We've lost loved ones and those who inspire us, but this does not diminish the impact they've had on our lives and the people we are because of them. With that said, on this New Year's Eve, let us celebrate the good things in our lives and cherish those who are still with us.  I wish you all health and happiness in 2017 and hope to see many of you soon.  

Happy New Year!